Compound Semiconductor

As silicon components run up against their physical limits, many IC companies now turn to compound semiconductors for developing their next generation product. Innovative Robotics offers automation solutions, including wafer handling, flipping, semi-clear and clear wafer aligning and ID reading, for a wide range of compound semiconductor materials based on GaAs, GaN, GaP, GaAs, InP, SiC and sapphire substrates. Among those, sapphire starts to take the lead driven by the booming business in white LED for LCD backlight and general illumination.

Sapphire Wafer Handling

Thin-Wafer-for-MEMSAs more LED manufacturing migrate from small-diameter (2" or 4") to large-diameter (6", 8", soon to be 12") sapphire wafers, Innovative Robotics offers a solution that is perfect for thick wafer handling. The rigid hardware design of IR-820 assures the planarity of the movement even with heavy payload. The optional 5th axis absolute-encoded flipper offers ±275° rotation. The non-contaminating ultra-slim edge gripper can handle 1.2mm thick wafers with the standard 6" cassette pitch. The wafer aligner and ID reader have proven to align and capture wafer ID's regardless of the material. The aligner can accommodate notch, flat (primary & secondary). Innovative Robotics offers the bridge solution for 4"-6" and 6"-8" with minimal change kits.