Tool Retrofit

When your legacy system is not meeting today's technology needs, handling automation should not be the roadblock to the success of your tool enhancement. With IR-820's emulating engine, a robot drop-in replacement is simple and fast.

Innovative Robotics has emulated most cleanroom robots in the industry. The emulation process takes approximately 1-2 weeks to be ready for drop-in. Little to no tool re-programming is needed since all the emulation will take place behind the sciences. For "copy-exact", you will replace your legacy robot with a low-maintenance and robust IR-820 for a better tool performance. IR-820 can also "emulate-smart", such as replacing a 3-axis to 4-axis robot for throughput and footprint improvement. Other examples includes adding flipping capability, clear wafer aligning/ID reading, or even thin-wafer friendly.

Case Study: Sorter Retrofitting



When a vacuum end effector is generating the back-side contamination and 2-sided ID reading is needed, a non-contact edge gripping end-effector with flipper is an imperative alternative for wafer handling. In order to accommodate the tool's footprint, IR-820 is perfect with its 4 independently driven axes that provide adaptability and flexibility not possible with 3-axis can. In this case study, on a one-FOUP tool layout, IR-820 can entertain the 300mm wafer's flipping gripping motion that not many, if any, robots in the market can do.

On the software side, it can either emulate the existing robot's language by adding a new flipping routine, or use Innovative Robotics' GUI-based, recipe-driven tool software suite, including SECS/GEM communication, to bring your tool's performance to another level.