The IR-820 series SCARA robots combine innovative mechanical design with user friendly, proprietary motion control software, to bring you the best of breed wafer handling robots. Four independently driven axes provide adaptability and flexibility. Fewer Components desgin to assure higher product reliability. High level, user-friendly commands provide easier system integration. Absolute positioning Encoders reduce startup time. (More Feature, Specifications)

4-Axis SCARA

IR-820 SCARA RobotBlended Motion Trajectory Optimization
- Provides Higher Throughput
True SCARA Design
- Allows Smaller System Footprint
Standard Compliance
- Certified for ISO 14644-1 Cleanliness, CE, SEMI S-2 and SEMI S-8, including EMC; F-47 Approved

3-Axis R-theta

IR-820 Robot with Bernoulli End-Effector The same robust design hard-ware and high level command langauge now comes in 3-axis model. To minimize the change of a drop-in replacement, this 3-Axis model, along with the emulating engine, resides in the same IR-820C controler, will make the change over almost a copy-exact.



IR-820 SCARA robot with 5th Axis Flipper and Vortex Gripper - Absolute encoding
- High resolution – 0.01°
- High torque – 14 N·m
- High speed – 450 °/sec
- Rotation range – ±275°
- Zero backlash

Z-less with External Track

IR-920 Robot with External Z Track Another sample of modular IR-820 familiy, this z-less IR-920 design is perfent for long vertical travel need. The vertical track can be syncronized with robot via the IR-820C controller to give you the best through-put performance.