End Effector

The contamination-free IEG-200/300 soft-touch mechanism with programmable gripping force enables the gripping tips to gently touch (hug) the wafer thus minimizing particle generation while maintaining a secure hold with a constant gripping force. The rotating distal tips allow random wafer access in the cassette with small inter-wafer gaps (down to 5mm). The IEG 200/300 is the industry’s only gripper that comes with a self-centering feature, allowing exact placing of the wafer on a stage or chuck, thus minimizing particle creation associated with friction present during wafer shifts and drops. Optional top-approach or mapper available. Modular design for easy customization.

U-Shape Edge Gripper

Edge Gripper- Slim design for random accessing FOUP's
- Long reach for deep access through a gate
- Allowable wafer misalignment – ±4mm
- Class 1 cleanliness
- Electrically activated
- Optional self-centering

U-Shape Edge Gripper with Mapper

IR-820-SCARA-Robot-Wafer-Stocker- Smart design – mapper with gripper combination
- Easy-leveling mechanism
- Works with standard FOUP and cassette
- Programmable griping force – 2-10N
- Optional top-approach

A blade type edge gripper with built-in side through beam is available for detecting empty or cross-slotted wafer in a wafer boat.

Edge Gripper for Small Clearance

Ultra Slim Endeffector - Ultra-slim gripper and special gripping tip designed to meet the very small pitch/clearance of the cassette (Standard cassette with pitch 4.75mm used for 1.2mm thick wafer)
- Works with notch wafer and wafers with primary and secondary orientation flats
- Bridge for 4”, 6”, 8” wafers (minimal adjustment)

Vortex Gripper for Thin and Warped Wafers

Vortex Gripper for thin wafer - Handles ultra-thin (50~700µm, possible warped) and standard wafers of similar sizes with a single device
- Picks “potato-chip” & warped wafers with offsets up to ±4mm and warpage and sag up to 5 mm
- Fail-safe mechanism
- For 6", 8" or 12" wafers with optioal flipper
- Available in both top- and bottom-pick

This vortex end-effector provides superior handling of all types of wafers, including thin-wafers, with no contact between the wafer and the end-effector. The minimal required airflow means that the air exhaust creates no more disturbance in the working environment than is created by the robot’s own motion. By integrating the soft-touch mechanism, the end effector overcomes any potential problems associated with thin wafer handling such as sideward shifting or rotation. High repeatability can also be achieved with its optional self-centering mechanism.