Wafer ID Reading

This multi-channel, multi-spectral lighting system guarantees the reliable capturing of wafer identifications including OCR, barcodes and 2D-codes regardless of the marking technique (hard-marked, soft-marked, or super-soft-marked). Field proven identificaiton algorithms are geared to the semiconductor industry's requirements. It works with 1700 or 2700 aligners to record ID's on regular, semi-clear and clear wafers.


Wafer OCR Reading- SEMI Font (SEMI M12, M13, M1.15)
- 9 x 17 single density dot matrix
- 10 x 18 double density dot matrix

Bar Code

Wafer Bar Code Reading - BC412 (SEMI T1-95)

2D Matrix Code

Wafer 2D matrix reading-ECC200 (SEMI M1.15, T7)

Aligner with OCR

Clear Wafer ID readingAligning implemented for silicon, sapphire, quartz, or glass wafers with 2-sided ID reading capability