Mapping Sensor

The 300 series mapping sensor for semiconductor and compound wafer proves to accurately detect wafer's placement regardless of its wafer thickness and size. The IR-300 series through beam mapper has a consistent and reliable mapping performace that reflective mapping sensors usualy can't deliver. It works seamlessly with IR-820 robot to detect empty or cross-slotted in a cassette or FOUP from 2" to 12", from 50 microns to 6mm thick wafers.

Through-beam Mapping Sensor

Built-in Mapping Sensor- Prevents empty or cross slotted wafer being transferred
- For 4", 5"-6", 6”-8” wafer sizes
- Works with minimal engagement ≥ 3mm from wafer edge
- Immune to ambient light
- Works with all types of wafers


Integrated in a Wafer Flipper Gripper

Mapping Sensor for clear wafer - For sapphire wafer up to 2mm thick
- For thin wafer down to 50 microns
- Wafer gripper-flipper-mapper on an interface plate minimizes maintenance time
- Flipper-mapper mounted on a leveling plate to facilitate horizontal mapping