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One Wafer Handling Solution Fits All - MEMS, LED, 3D Packaging...

IR-820's modularity makes it readily adaptable to the widest range of substrate, size, thickness, warpage etc.

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 Silicon Wafer HandlingThe handling of sub–100 micron wafers is now a manufacturing floor reality. Handling a wide range of wafer thickness is a critical part of the future advancements needed in wafer bonding and MEMS processes.

The CE-compliant and ISO-class 1 family of robots is modular in design with configuration options that include 3–axis, 4–axis and 5th–axis flipper. Robots can be configured to support optional vertical or horizontal tracks. All robots are compatible with vacuum, pneumatic and electrical capabilities. The automation solution can handle wafer sizes ranging from 50mm to 300mm; thickness ranges include 6mm to 50-micron. We offer a broad range of handling solutions that include a variety of working materials and extreme temperature ranges.

The IR-820's blended motion trajectory provides ultra high wafer throughput. Its proprietary emulating/translating engine permits an IR-820 robot as a drop-in replacement for any existing system. (More)